4 Simple Plumbing Tips and Tricks to Protect Your Home

Do you want to protect your home against future plumbing emergencies that can leave you facing a bill for thousands of euro? Even if you can’t handle tools, there are several plumbing tips and tricks that can help you avoid a sudden callout for emergency Dublin plumbers.

These plumbing tips and tricks, of course, are a set of precursors to calling out Dublin plumbing services, but they will help ensure that your house is not suddenly beset with a flood or other emergency that will require you to summon an emergency plumber Dublin at short notice.

So here are four incredibly simple plumbing tips and tricks that all householders can do on a regular basis to ensure that everything in the household plumbing system is functioning as it should be, and that you don’t have any gremlins lurking that can cause unexpected, and costly, mishaps.


1. Check Your Taps

If you believe that you may have a leaking tap, there is one very simple thing that anyone can do. Just leave a bucket or other relatively large container under the tap overnight, and in the morning you will have an unavoidable indication as to how much water you are losing.

Left unchecked, this is simply allowing a natural resource to go down the drain. It’s wasteful and has cost implications. However, doing the bucket test on all your taps will give your Dublin plumbers a good idea of where the water is leaking, and help them to fix the problem more quickly.


2. Check Your Pipes

Leak detection is one of the most important services offered by Dublin plumbers. The reason why it’s so important is that the leak is not always visible. The visible ones are those that can be fixed most quickly by a professional. It’s the leaks that are hidden from sight that are more complex and costly.

You really need to nip this problem in bud, and quickly. What you’re looking for are tell-tale signs such as wet patches or mildew, which could indicate standing water (and therefore a leak).

If you notice any of these symptoms and cannot account for them, it’s imperative that you contact your professional Dublin plumbing services immediately. It is almost certain that you will need repairs to the pipes, and the sooner the better. So be vigilant, and don’t delay in contacting the professionals if you spot the symptoms.


3. Be Vigilant About Water Pressure

If you notice consistently low pressure in your shower, it might be indicative of something incredibly simple, such as a buildup of sediment in the tiny outflow holes, which restricts the free flow of water through the shower head.

This can be fixed relatively easy. But you should see about cleaning the shower head as soon as possible, and eliminate this from the range of possibilities.

If that is not problem, the low water pressure may indicate something more serious, such as an issue with the water lines that feed the shower supply. It is a possibility that you really cannot afford to ignore, so be vigilant about it.


4. Be Vigilant About Corrosion

If you notice rust, or discolouration around shut-off valves or pipe fittings throughout your home, it’s something that you need to get to the bottom of quickly, and is a problem that can only be tackled by your professional Dublin plumbers. Corrosion can contaminate water, or perhaps lead to leaking or bursting, so again, don’t ignore it.


A Simple 5-Step Guide to Unclogging a Toilet

The blocked toilet is a common domestic plumbing problem. It’s quite easy to prevent mishaps if you keep your drains properly clean. But sometimes, blockages prevent the outflow of water from the bowl, and that’s when a quick guide to unclogging a toilet comes in handy—before disaster strikes and you need to call on the services of emergency Dublin plumbers.

All too often, householders summon Dublin plumbers at the 11th hour due to unfortunate incidents that occur because of blocked toilet drains. It’s a panic situation, with toilet water rising up and overflowing from the bowl onto the bathroom floor… and the case of in first-floor bathrooms it’s worse, as the water can seep through to the rooms below.

In these situations, it’s vital that you cut off the supply of water to the toilet cistern. That’s why you ought to know how to switch off the stop valve at the toilet. These are usually located at the water supply tubes behind the toilet, and should be turned clockwise to shut.

Failing that, you will have to shut off the mains water supply, either at the interior valve (normally located in the kitchen, under the sink), or at the external stop cock, which will shut off the flow of water from the mains supply to your entire property.

Right. The water is off, and the immediate panic is over. This will give you the breathing space to contact Dublin plumbers in order to have your toilet drains professionally checked and cleaned in such a way that the problem will not recur. Hopefully, the overflow will not have caused permanent damage to your bathroom and other parts of your home.

Water damage from the toilet can cost thousands of euro to repair, and it’s a situation that you really want to avoid. Such emergencies can be avoided if you keep your drains clean, and there is a simple method for unclogging a toilet in cases where straightforward blockages arise.


Unclogging A Toilet in 5 Steps

Here’s a couple of Dublin plumbers tips to help you keep your toilet pipes clean of the gunk that, over time, builds up into clogs and creates blockages that prevent the flow of water through the pipes.


1. Lubrication

Add a few squirts of standard washing-up detergent to your toilet bowl. The liquid detergent will help to lubricate the inside of the pipes, to ease the passage of any blockages through the pipes in your hope and into the sewerage system.


2. Add Boiling Water

Fill a large pot with water and bring to the boil. Pour the boiling water into the toilet, carefully, slowly and continuously, from a height of three feet. It needs to be from this height so the water will fall with sufficient force to begin breaking up and dissolving the solution. Do not hold the pot any higher, or it will cause the unhygienic toilet water to splash out of the bowl. As you pour, if the blockage clears, you should notice the water level inside the toilet dropping, and then returning to the normal level.


3. Rinse & Repeat

If this does not work with the first pot, repeat the process several times. Sometimes larger blockages will require several rounds of the process. However, if you notice no change in the water level, you have a more serious problem on your hands.


4. Plunge

If you have a rubber toilet plunger, rinse the rubber cup for about 60 seconds until the rubber softens. Then, firmly mould the lip of the plunger cup around and enclosing the exit hole. Press down and pull up repeatedly, ensuring the plunger cup remains firmly around the exit hole at all times. After a few seconds, you should see little bits and pieces of paper and gunk appear in the toilet bowl.


5. Test

Flush the toilet to remove any residue. This should remove any residual blockages and clear the pipes, and the water level will return to normal inside the bowl.


What if this does not work?

If the toilet water level does not return to normal, it is time to make contact with your local Dublin plumbing services. Initially, the plumber will attempt to determine whether the problem is at the simple end of the scale (a particularly stubborn blockage that requires removal with an augur) or a more serious main-line obstruction. These are processes that are best left to professional Dublin plumbers. Never attempt them yourself.


What not to do

Never use abrasive chemical cleaners, which can cause corrosive damage to the inside of the pipes and lead to long-term problems with your plumbing. Overall the best advice is that if you are in any doubt, contact a professional plumber whose is professionally qualified to assess the situation, diagnose the problem and deliver a lasting solution.

Why A Regular Drain Cleaning Service Is So Important

Drains are by no means the most glamorous part of your household infrastructure, and most people, understandably, would prefer not to think of them at all! But that’s a mistake. Not arranging for a regular professional drain cleaning service or outright ignoring the existence of your drains can lead to emergencies arising & then it’s time to look for emergency Dublin plumbing services.

The fact is, while you’re best off going to the experts for a proper drain cleaning service, and all plumbing services, there is some simple housekeeping work that any householder can undertake to ensure that disaster doesn’t strike leaving you in need of Dublin plumbing services to address a serious emergency.

The real difficulty arises because ignoring or not tackling little jobs immediately leads to cumulative problems. Little clogs in drains become more troublesome, and before you know it, there’s overflow or some other emergency that you’re just not able to attend to yourself. But some simple monitoring, combined with a regular checkup and cleaning by professional Dublin plumbing services will keep the water moving freely in your drains.

Take a look around your kitchen. This is a room where everyone attempts to keep surfaces clean, but if you’re not paying attention to your drainage, you’ll barely notice the amount of food particles and other gunk that gets flushed into drains on a daily basis.

The bathroom is another area of the home where most of us try to keep the surfaces spotlessly clean. But daily routines of hand-washing, showering and even teeth-brushing can see quite an amount of hair, soap, food particles and other residue spilling down the drain and into the pipes.

Over a period of time, the run-off builds up, accumulates and solidifies, so water is no longer able to run through the pipes freely. You will probably first notice this in your shower tray if you find that by the time your shower has ended, you are standing in a puddle of cloudy water rather than on a clean surface.

Some basic cleaning on a regular basis is a great idea, two or three times a month. Don’t wait for the accumulation to result in a callout emergency drain cleaning service! Pour hot water into the drain, or use a solution of baking soda and vinegar, pouring it into the drain, covering it with a towel and then flushing.

Hair and soap club buildups in shower drains are more difficult, and you should definitely not pour chemicals or other products into these pipes. But a drain strainer is a good little investment.

At all times, avoid quick fixes, such as liquid chemical drain cleaners. These products, if they fail to remove a blockage, can remain and corrode the pipes from within, leading to significant long-term problems.

If problems persist, such as odours and blockages, call for a professional draining cleaning service. Contact Dublin plumbing services for the best and most informed solution to the problem.

How to Shut Off the Water Main in an Emergency

A PLUMBING emergency, such as a flooding incident that arises during the night as a result of burst pipes, or during a period of absence from the house, is a nightmare for every homeowner. That’s when you either know how to shut off water main, or you don’t. And of course it’s at times like those that you need to seek out professional emergency plumber Dublin services.

You want the most reliable results, and you want to keep the water damage to an absolute minimum. And yet water damage is the number one cause of damage to homes every year, accounting for almost a third of insurance claims.

At the end of the day, there is only so much the plumber can do when the emergency has already arisen. On the other hand, there is a ton of good work that the householder can to prevent the emergency from arising in the first place.

As you will know if you have ever had to seek an emergency plumber Dublin, you will know how costly it is to repair and how much disruption the repairs can cause. That’s why it pays to be vigilant about the plumbing in your home.

Being vigilant doesn’t require even the lifting of a spanner or screwdriver; it’s all observation, spotting a problem early, and nipping it in the bud by getting in contact with your plumber Dublin professional services to get it fixed.

But of course, emergencies, by their very nature, are not scheduled. And if something does happen, like a burst pipe during the night, or if you come home from holidays to discover a leak, and you’re unable to have a plumber come to your home or property straight away, you need to know, at a bare minimum, how to shut off water main as a matter of urgency.

Knowing how to shut off water main is not hugely scientific, but it is a process… thankfully it’s a fairly standard one. You’ll normally locate the interior water main stopcock where the cold water pipe enters the house, often in the kitchen. To turn it off is simple: never forget this: righty tighty, lefty loosey. Right to close the valve. Left to open it.

Something else you should do is check out whether the internal stopcock valve is working. Just turn on your kitchen tap, and turn the valve to the right and make sure that the flow from the tap stops.

This is obviously not a desirable position to be in, but if an emergency does arise, knowing where your internal mains valve is located, and being sure that it works, can make a huge difference. In fact it can be the difference between contained water loss and outright flooding & water damage disaster.

Most emergencies occur as a result of either missing or ignoring what appear to be minor plumbing problems that crop up in the home. The best way to prevent an emergency is to visually audit all the visible plumbing pipes, lines and valves in your home on a regular basis, and have them checked by a professional plumber without delay.

Water Leak Detection Service

leak detection Leak Detection is a service that Plumber Services Dublin provide right across Dublin city. In most cases when a water leak occurs in a home or place of business the cause of the leak may not be obvious or visible. This is when you need to contact a plumber who provides an emergency water leak detection service. When the cause of the leak is correctly identified, it can then be assessed and best determine the required remedial work.

In cases of where the water leak is visible the issue can be fixed quickly. This will limit the damage to your property and content. In the remainder of cases when you cannot identify the cause of the water leak by eye then you will need to contact a leak detection service quickly.

Professional Leak Detection Service

If you come across a leak, then the first thing you do is call Plumber Services Dublin. We are Dublin’s leading plumber company. We provide a professional leak detection service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have an unwanted leak, then we will find the leak, fix the leak and repair any damage caused to property by the leak.

The biggest source of water leaks can be in your bathroom or around your boiler. This is due to the location of a large number of fittings and pipework that can develop leaks after time. The plumbing I these areas are generally complex and will need the experience of a professional plumber in Dublin.
When a leak does occur, we can be at your home within 1 hour to fix your water leak. We will quickly source the problem and fix it so the problem does not occur in the immediate future. Any water damage that may have occurred to your flooring or ceiling will then have to be made good. We can look after this for you as we have the necessary trades available to fix any water damage.  Any trace of a water leak will be gone completely.

So, if you arrive home from work and find that your sitting room ceiling has collapsed from a water leak don’t panic. Simply pick up your phone and ring Plumber Services Dublin on 085 123 4204. Our emergency water detection team will be with you as quickly as possible. We will have your home repaired correctly in no time.

Leaking Radiator Repair Dublin

.leaking radiator Unfortunately, at some stage we will find ourselves in the unwanted position of having to deal with a leaking radiator. A leaking radiator can start off as a small drip and be barely even noticeable. Over a period of time a leaking radiator will cause cause damage to your timber flooring if it has not been spotted and dealt with accordingly. Radiators on the first floor of your home or business can develop a leak in the ceiling area where the feeding pipework is located and will cause water staining to your ceiling and surrounding area.

This is where you need to call a dedicated plumber. Dublin have a large number of plumbers available but only a handful will have the knowledge and experience to fix any radiator leak that you may have correctly. A cheap quick fix will cost you more in the long term. You need a plumber that you can trust to get the job done correctly the first time and will eliminate the chances of the same problem happening again.

Leaking Radiator Repair

Plumber Services Dublin is the plumbing company you need. We have dedicated plumbers based in Dublin city to carry out any emergency repair works required. Our team prides itself in providing a service that is quick, efficient and affordable. We don’t cut any corners to try and fix your problem quickly. We have the experience to deal with any leaking radiator no matter where it is located. Not only will we repair the leaking radiator and pipework but we will also make good any surface damage such as replacing warped timber flooring or repairing ceilings with unsightly water stains. This is what makes us stand out from the rest.

We know that you can find yourself in an emergency situation at any time. Therefore, we provide you with a 24 hour 7 day a week emergency call out service. This means you can relax knowing that if you have to deal with a leaking radiator simply give us a call. Customers can contact us on 085 1234 204. We will ensure that there is a plumber with you within 1 hour of our conversation.

Do you have a leaking radiator? Is the leak progressively getting worse? Is there water damage in the area of the leak? Then contact Plumber Services Dublin now. Call 085 1234 204 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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